New book offers lighthearted introduction to mathematical mystery

“Birthday Pi” by Doug Keenan presents the many applications of geometrical constant identified in ancient times

INDIANAPOLIS – “Birthday Pi” (ISBN 1456578871), a book by Doug Keenan, demonstrates the omnipresence of the principle of pi in everyday life through colorful illustrations and easy-to-read text.

According to Keenan, the book provides a rich new way of looking at the common units that make up our everyday lives. He demonstrates how pi, a special number that relates to circles and circular motion, can be used to determine the number of seconds in a year and sets out other related concepts along the way. Explaining the relationship between the Great Pyramid in Egypt and the circumference of the Earth to music, Keenan boils down complex mathematical equations to understandable language.

“The central concept of the book is to answer a simple question, ‘How many seconds elapse between two birthdays,’” says Keenan. “The attempt to answer that question builds to a surprising result.”

Inspired by memories of conversations with his engineer grandfather, the author wrote his book to demonstrate the fun that can be had exploring the world around us using math. Throughout exploration of the natural world around us, pi keeps cropping up in surprising ways. Written to engage and inspire, the book is suitable for readers of all ages.

“Birthday Pi” is available for sale online at and other channels.

Doug Keenan